Our Story

We started Result to help corporates become more intrapreneurial and scale-ups to grow faster. The idea came to life when the founding team of Result traveled with a record-smashing pop group called Ace of Base. The question the founding team had after their travels with the pop group was why don’t intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who have ambitions to scale their ideas the same support ecosystem? 

Result since 1999 has been aiming to do just that – helping scale-ups grow and scale internationally, helping corporate intrapreneurs test and scale innovations faster, cheaper and better. We believe we do this better since we are a team of entrepreneurs who have battle scars from our actual journeys of creating innovations and growing them. Not powerpoint black belts or 2×2 models that are out of this world. 


Erik Wikström

Black belt in growing companies, raising money and creating new companies (30+ ventures). He is wise like a sage and drinks like a Viking.

Adrian McDonald

An Aussie who loves BBQ , father of three, and a guy you will always find a refreshing positive attitude with, probably from his early days as a sports man.

Mahesh Kumar

Indian turned Viking who geeks out with technology, reads 2 books a week, multi tasker pro and has work capacity like a horse. Somehow fits in time for his family and Yoga.

Ola Ahlvarsson

World champion in martial arts, serial entrepreneur – a man who believes everyone is his teacher, and he is the only student. We call him our “gammal smurf”. 

Edgar Luczak

Driven by objectives and key results, combines strategy and execution, reduces complexity in any situation like an expert jedi master. 

Cecilie Chen

Chinese Viking who loves scaling new technologies and ventures inside and outside corporates. Else, highly busy cooking something delicious.

Alexander Herbring

Big biceps, hunted Al-Qaeda as a paratrooper, believes the world is his oyster, loves his family and has a mantra that “Always smile, no matter what”.


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Mäster Samuelsgatan 36 Stockholm, Sweden

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