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Add our tested toolbox to speed up your transformation 

We offer training, coaching and venture building programs that help in unleashing a digital mindset, increase execution speed in your teams and add entrepreneurial experience to your teams to scale and build new value.

Upskill courses 

Learning reinvented 

Intense learning and coaching programs around key digital topics that are mandatory for established companies with the desire to innovate, upskill their organisation and retain talents . 

Entrepreneurial Sounding Board

New external perspectives and more clarity 

Get new perspectives from proven entrepreneurs, modern methods and toolkits to solve key challenges and inspiration to your teams to have high energy in execution. 

Strengthen & Grow Your Core

Startup Pilots, Customer Co-Labs… 

Source and test innovations for key business challenges, co-create with your customers to create lock-ins and differentiation and position yourself as a platform for innovation. 

Venture Building

Co-creation & Equity 

In select cases we can roll up our sleeves and jointly build ventures that are strategically aligned to you, have clear unfair advantages and are exciting for us.

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Why some of the most brave corporate leaders find us invaluable

Case Study: SEB

SEB started their innovation with 3 main objectives in mind:

  • Enable better prioritisation within their product roadmaps 
  • Create new innovations that is line with their strategy
  • Create a new culture of intrapreneurs with an upgraded mindset and a toolbox of testing and rapid prototyping within the line org. 

Almost 4 years later, 2000+ people through the lab, 93% use the toolkits from the lab weekly in their daily job, and 24% of projects have been launched in the bank. Good stats if you ask us or SEB. 

Case Study: Stronghold

Stronghold is the largest real estate management group in the Nordics with assets such as Newsec, Datscha and NIAM. Our joint work had 3 objectives in mind

  • Strengthen the core through new ways of working
  • Extend their core through co-creating with key customers
  • Create a proptech nucleus to attract tomorrow’s stars to invest in

With over 200+ employees adopting new ways of working, over 20+ pilots with 10+ key customers and investments in 8 companies, Stronghold is well on their way to be a Nordic leader in prop-tech. 

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