Successfully growing and internationalising proven
business models and scale ups since 1999.
We can advise, interim manage and invest to
unlock growth with you, for you.
How we can help you grow internationally
We clone your key success factors into new markets with our local teams know-how and know-who
Internationalisation blueprint
We understand your business and key success factors to co-create your internationalisation strategy, helping answer questions such as which countries to go to, your go to market model, budget, local market data etc, giving you an internationalisation blueprint for you to raise money on, execute yourself or with us.
Deeper Target Market Analys / Roadshow
After the blueprint process, we can either organise a roadshow in target markets for you to meet potential partners, peers, clients etc. for you to get a deeper understanding. We can supplement the roadshow with our recommendations, market specific budget and execution plan if necessary.
Interim management
We can then interim manage you in multiple markets simultaneously, all with a central coordinator for you to liaise with in your home market, driving the local business towards agreed milestones and in the process recruiting a team for you to either manage it in-house or for us to reduce our role.
What some of our clients say about us
We have worked with many known brands, unicorn companies across industries and across continents
Helping launch Google in Sweden
We worked with Google in the early days of their launch of their local office in the Nordics, putting them on stage at our event Sime in front of 2000 local CMO's, helping in positioning and sales.
Expanding Criteo in Europe
Our local team in Germany managed to expand Criteo from France into new territories in Western Europe. We worked as interim managers in multiple markets, growing local brand sales, creating agency relationships and building local teams. Criteo today is publicly listed raising 250M$ at an opening market cap of 800M$.
Expanding Blocket in 12 territories
We worked with Blocket with their European, Latin American and Asian expansion. Blocket starts moving out of the Nordics into continental Europe, with Result teams working with them on local market analysis, setting up roadshows, and most importantly interim managing them before hiring a full time team. The model was then copy pasted into Asia in Pakistan, Dubai and Thailand.
Launching in Europe against Xing
When LinkedIn launched in Europe with us, each local market had a similar player in Western Europe. Our role was to outpace the competition by doing B2B sales, building reach through online marketing and partnerships, before the internationalisation efforts were centralised out of London.
We have learnt some hard lessons
on expanding 300+ companies globally
that we don't want you to make
Not bringing the soil that made you successful
Often times companies forget to bring the key success factors that made them successful in their home market such as team, focus, partnerships or simply a great network.
Scaling without proof
We have seldom seen successful internationalization of companies whose business model is still unproven in the home market
Not having long term focus
Internationalisation is a journey and not a destination, and companies that do not have a long term strategy and mindset when starting their journey find it harder to create value with time
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