Growth for leaders
within Scale Ups
Over a period of 6 weeks, you will listen to best practices, get introduced to our Growth-o-meter© toolbox that provides a scientific framework to look through strategy, cash, execution and people, ultimately giving you a proven framework to super charge your growth. Only for companies that have proven their business model / have product-market fit*.
Reengineering growth and your success.
Growth Stories
Inspirational sessions with some of the most successful entrepreneurs from different corners of the globe. These have lived your journey and will share their experiences of overcoming adversity and building scalable business models.
Growth-o-Meter Framework
The Growth-o-meter© is a methodology designed to address the most important growth objectives. You will work with this both in Lab and within your companies for the 5-weeks.
Peer coaching
The Lab will include a strong element of coaching from successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Their role is to guide and challenge you to reach your agreed objectives. In addition, we will encourage active peer feedback each day.

FOR CEO's, CFO's and head of growth / international
Knowledge and Network for your Growth
2.5 hours / week focused on a particular growth area. Whether you have this challenge today or you might have it in 2 years, you will find the program highly relevant for your business. Here is our program structure.
Module 1:
Understand and use the proven toolbox of growth-o-meter to rank your growth pains, challenges and co-create an execution plan to address the challenges during the program.
Module 2: Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking
We deep dive into using digital channels to create sales, build brand, reputation or simply ambassadors. Whether you do enterprise sales or direct to consumer, the principles from this module will follow your growth story for a long time.
Module 3: Funding
We focus on how to fund growth, best practices, investor decks, the mindset of investors to actually having a match making investor session to give you direct value based on your funding needs.

Module 4: Internationalisation
Going international is the most value adding step in your growth journey, and the most expensive. While it seems fun and simple in theory, in reality, it is complex in reality. We will dig deep on best practices and work with you hands on during this module.

Module 5:
Growth Mindset
A growth mindset is the new paradigm for leaders who want to create fantastic companies, great culture and a legacy that is beyond themselves. We delve into leadership and mindset it requires for you to succeed in your growth journey
Module 6:
Growth-o-meter Presentations
We conclude the program by looking at the growth-o-meter and the progress you have made during the 6 modules, lessons learnt and a surprise performance to finish up.
Our growth lab is not a theory course run by academics. Its built by entrepreneurs that have created several hundred million dollar companies, have faced issues that you might be facing and want to help you succeed. The companies in our ecosystem grew at 350% on average in 2016 from a base revenue line of 2M EUR / year.
Sign up now - 20 Seats only
We run 4 growth labs / year with up to 20 seats per time to maintain high quality and interactivity.
The next growth lab starts in September 2017. See timetable below. Only few seats left.
A sample of our growth coaches and mentors
We work with proven entrepreneurs, investors, successful service providers that can share personal growth stories and give you a sharper framework for your own growth.
Navin Thukkaram
Sold Qwiki to Yahoo for 50M$, managed Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founders fund), angel investor out of Silicon Valley, New York and lives half time in Stockholm
John Ekman
Former management consultant turned entrepreneur turned growth guru. Runs Nordics best growth marketing and conversion agency called Conversionista.
Henrik Torstensson
CEO, Lifesum, a global health app that has over 18M users. Former Spotify, Stardoll and an avid blogger on entrepreneurship, growth and mindset for success.
Adrian McDonald
Led Widespace product strategy to a Saas model, and helped grow the company from 25 to 250 people. One of Europe's pioneers of programmatic advertising, having led the launch of Microsoft's ad exchange.
John Sjölander
19 years involved in tech startups, with
10 of them as a founder or in management positions at VC-backed companies.
Venture Partner at Industrifonden.
Jack Melcher Cleasson
Jack is a serial entrepreneur, part of running, running the largest sports vertical media site in Sweden, and helping companies raise funding especially through crowd funding.
Erik Wikström
Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founded a number of companies such as Magine, Werlabs, Icon Medialab, Fitness Collection, LetsBuyIt, Speed Ventures.
Mahesh Kumar
CEO Result, founder at FitnessCollection, co-founder Epicenter. Former growth at Magine TV, former investment analyst at Jazzya Investment in Spain.
Kerstin Cooley
Kerstin is the managing partner at Moor. Diverse experience from capital markets, M&A, hedge funds and transactions.

Timetable and Pricing
We run 4 growth labs / year, find your next one with us. We can also tailor make an individual growth lab only for your company, more information below.
September - October 2017
November - December 2017
Customised Growth Lab
(Year around)
Growth Lab Basic Course Structure
May - June 2017
Navin Thukkaram
John Ekman
Kerstin Cooley
Mahesh Kumar
Henrik Torestensson
Surprise Guest
Have a Question?
How many colleagues can I bring with me?
Each participating company will have two (2) spaces available. So, you may bring one (1) colleague with you to the Lab.
What type of roles are suitable for the Lab?
CEO, CFO, CXO, or anyone who is responsible for International growth or sales.
What criteria do you look for in product-market fit?
You need to have revenues of over 20M SEK, a growth rate of at least 20% and an ambition to scale your business
Do we need to prepare anything beforehand?
You don't need to prepare anything for Module 1, but you will be given tasks to complete for each Module thereafter.
I am a SEB Customer.
If you are a SEB customer and picked by their Greenhouse initiative, you are welcome to attend for free for 2017 as part of our partnership with SEB / Greenhouse.
What if I need ongoing support after the Lab?
We can discuss potential solutions on an individual basis as well as utilise our network of Growth Partners.
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Epicenter is Stockholms largest innovation and growth house, with over 20.000 sq.m dedicated for corporate innovation and scale up growth.