Large organisations wishing to create
innovation, call on us for our innovation,
processes and clock speed.
Highly aligned to overall strategy, but loosely coupled
to your daily operations
Large organisations wishing to create
innovation, call on us for our innovation,
processes and clock speed.
Our experience suggests that just having an innovation lab for the sake of it, creates a lot of noise, but no impact.
We promise an innovation process that is rock solid
Many use buzz words but few have created. We pride ourselves in creating impact.
Our labs run methodologies combining on our own experience as entrepreneurs that have built multi-million dollar companies and intrapreneurs that have created within large organisations.
Key factors for a successful innovation lab
Based on strategy, we can run different types of innovation labs
Culture change labs, finding new revenues in your core business,
equity opportunities in complimentary sectors or co-creating with your customers, here are some labs we can run with you, for you.
Internal labs
Culture, Mindset, Increase clock speed
Internal labs that increases clock speed, changes mindset and gives a home for new ideas to be validated, prototyped, business model designed and a path to reintegration within your organisation spec-ed out, all in 12 week cycles. Irrespective of the ideas, your employees come back into your organisation with new vitamins that allows you to get more efficient in your core business.
External labs
Revenues, equity or positioning
External lab can be a destination for new innovative partnerships, investments in new digital companies that are changing your industries. The external lab focuses on creating business opportunities for you in your industry with partners, new customers and technologies. All partnerships are piloted in 12 weeks within the lab for you to then implement them within your organisation, roll them out in your territories or invest in them.
Customer Lab
Co-creation, increase core business, positioning
The Customer Lab focuses on co-creation of new services, products with your current and future customers. You will gain unfair advantages from working directly with the current and future needs and desires of your customers and create new positioning as a thought leader.
High priority labs
Strategic threats, new verticals, technologies
High priority labs act as the support unit for management where you can drop existing projects that need help from within your organisation or pilot new technologies or business models that you are curious to learn and understand more about.
What our lab clients tell about us
We work strategically with our labs, working typically with head of strategy or CEO / management
SEB | Internal Innovation Lab
Changing mindset and creating trojan horses within the organisation
"Our lab with Result and Epicenter, helps find ideas from all corners of the organisation. To date, we have had initiatives in Blockchain, Digital KYC, Virtual Reality that we have implemented after 12 weeks in the lab. However, the most important reason for the lab is to create digital ambassadors that are trained, understand strategy and can work really fast that will actually help us transform. After 2 years of our lab, its fair to say that we are seeing great results in line with our thinking"
- Rasmus Jarborg, SEB Head of Strategy
Merck Pharmaceuticals | M-Digital External Lab
Finding new digital business models to partner with
"We started our lab with Result and Epicenter in the fall of 2016, and we just extended our partnership for 12 more months with full global support from our top management. Our lab focuses on finding new partnerships in key strategic areas that we can use our distribution, brand and reach to take into new territories, create new products and services. M-Digital is a key global initiative based out of Stockholm for us to transform digitally"
- Maria-Amparo Jimenez Urgal, CEO Merck Sweden
Telenor | Internal and High Priority Lab
Changing mindset and finding new sectors for tomorrow
"Our lab focuses on changing mindset internally, providing new tool kits and giving our employees time, coaching and space for projects that are important. We also use the lab to work on growing sectors such as connected cars, IOT and many more bringing the whole ecosystem together to become the de-facto partner for tomorrows stars"
- Christian Thrane, CMO Telenor Sweden
Google For Entrepreneurs | External Lab
Finding and supporting entrepreneurs building new services
"We are delighted to expand our international network by partnering with Epicenter in Stockholm, to support entrepreneurs building new products and services"
7 out of 10 innovation labs fail. Here are 3 reasons why.
Just hiring a chief innovation officer does not mean innovation is taken
care of
Rebel initiatives that are not strategically aligned with top management
Using jargon such as fail fast or design thinking, but not creating any impact
Our innovation labs are built on the analogy of music schools.
If you have good music schools, you attract great talent. And over time you create an ABBA. An innovation lab should attract employees, partners and future stars that over time can help you find the disruption you are looking for.
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