When we speak at events, I usually show the following photos, and ask the audience who these people are on the photo? As you might have guessed, 100% of the audiences gets the below without batting an eye lid. The one below though raises eyebrows and confused thoughts.

Everyone gets that the photos are Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs
This is the team of intrapreneurs behind Gmail, a service used by 1B+ people on the planet

The above photo is the team behind Gmail, the insanely popular email service used by over 1,5B People, an idea conceived by intrapreneur Paul Buchheit but massively blitzscaled through Google, its infrastructure, reach and its brilliant team of engineers on tap.

I then follow this up with showing them the below photo. What do they have in common?

Obama, Brad Pitt & Pink, a handful of celebrities who worked at Burger King to survive

So these (amongst scores of others) worked at Burger King while they were waiting for opportunities, surviving and hustling. Every time I go get a burger, get an UBER or go into a 7–11, I know there is a decent probability of a story of greatness in him /her waiting to happen.

We can agree that genius (like Jobs, Einstein) is rare, but talent is definitely not. If talent is not, why then are 70% are disillusioned at work? Why do 15% of employees working in enterprises actively work to sabotage the mission of the company? While any basket might have some rotten apples, the numbers are absurdly high and point towards structural challenges that most enterprises fall into. Some leading indicators are ruthless focus on processes & committees, the immune system that kills anything new, the protective nature of managers (good intentions no doubt) and how leadership needs a fundamental shift.

The world needs more intrapreneurs to succeed. We can then save jobs, create more jobs, more value and most importantly more happiness in society.

I say all this in a 3 minute fun edited video on why this is important. If you are interested in this topic, drop a line, happy to invite you to our club of intrapreneurs. Thanks to our friends at Local Glimpse for the fun interview, amazing edits and their penchant for bringing out the story teller in me.

Our first principles that takes us to work every day

  1. We believe intrapreneurship is severely underserved, unstructured and unappreciated. We need to help change that.
  2. We believe talent is in anyone, and can be brought out to work on strategic challenges, process improvements, new product launches or new experiments giving a rock solid bed of portfolios, current and future talent that can be nurtured into intrapreneurs, leaders or executives
  3. We believe digital transformation, or getting ROI in this new world is getting more and more complicated and hence all 2×2, digital business models drawn up by consultants are PPT dreams if you don’t change inside out, create new structures to try, new governance models, modern metrics driven by a culture of intrapreneurship.

If you are a startup interested to produce kick ass videos, Local Glimpse has got you covered. Check their work out.