Bring Curiosity. Create Answers.
Self-leadership, Autonomy, Feedback and Purpose
These are not buzz words for us, but our core approach and differentiation
Guided by Self-leadership
Self-leadership is a structured way to influence yourself to achieve your own objectives in line with the organisation's objectives. We believe self-leadership is not just good for business, but for accelerated development as a better human being.
Driven by Autonomy
In our experience, organisations that micro-manage or do not create contexts for individual or team autonomy, do not reach their full potential. That is why, we go the extra mile to create systems that are built on autonomy for you to reach our joint objectives.
Based on Empathy and Feedback
Combining empathy with honest feedback is an art, and we will make sure we work together to show empathy to our clients and each other, while always striving to improve and learn with feedback.
Creating Purpose
We strive to do work that creates pride inside and around us. This means, all the work you do, you will see in action either within our organisation or outside. You will find purpose in creating and solving problems that matter.
Open positions
We are looking for interns with great passion for learning and gather experience. You have to be prepared to work under time pressured conditions and not hesitate to take on assignments that puts you outside of your comfort zone. You will find great support from your co-workers, help is always around!

As an intern you will get to be a shadow of the great minds working here at Result. Apart from the Result team, you will also meet hundreds of exciting individuals from the Epicenter environment. You will take part in all kinds of work, everything from editing videos or doing research on scale-up companies to managing smaller projects and hosting events. Your time here will be tailor made after your interests and desires to let you get the most out of your time at Result!
About Result
Our vision is to be the absolute best ecosystem for growth and innovation. Result has since 1999 scaled over 350 companies locally and internationally in 18 markets as interim managers, investors and co-entrepreneurs and created impactful digital innovation with enterprises across many different sectors.
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Meet our team
Ola Ahlvarsson
World champion, elite athlete, serial entrepreneur, a man who believes everyone is his teacher, and he is the only student. We call him our "gammal smurf"
Isabelle Alesund
She connects dots and is creative at the speed of light, cares about the team beyond words, and is excellent at working with our innovation labs
Adrian McDonald
An Aussie who loves BBQ (no surprise there), father of three, and a guy you will always find a refreshing positive attitude with, probably from his early days as a sports man.
Stella Watkins & Vilhelm Lindvall
They are fast, smart, awesome, fun and ready to do the most complicated to the most simple tasks to learn and make our organisation succeed.
Alexander Herbring
Big biceps, hunted Al-Qaeda as a paratrooper, loves his family and has a mantra that "Always smile, no matter what".
Mahesh Kumar
Indian turned Viking who geeks out with technology and loves learning new things all the time.
Natalya Tacheci
Natalya has an exciting background of traveling and helping other people. Now she is here at Result to create Magic!
Erik Wikström
Black belt in growing companies, raising money and creating new companies. He is wise like a sage and drinks like a Viking.
Work in the heart of Stockholm, at the most innovative office space in the Nordics
Result sits and operates out of Epicenter (a company we co-founded) at the heart of Stockholm city. With over 4000 people in the house, you will sit in the middle of a perfect storm of new ideas, exciting people, exotic innovations, giving you the juices to create and build your dreams. From gym memberships to fresh hot food served daily, you will love coming to work.


C/o Epicenter
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
Stockholm, Sweden