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September 2019

Stockholm / Oslo / Helsinki / Amsterdam

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We help corporates become more intrapreneurial and scale-ups grow faster

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You challenge chosen truths, work at high-clock speed, have an unwavering vision to create progress by building new magical experiences with and for others - all in the quest to make your lives, your organizations, your industries, and your world a better place.

We are passionate to provide unparalleled support to help you.

We believe we do this better since we are a team of entrepreneurs who have battle scars from our own journeys of creating innovations and scaling them.



3 reasons why we create impact in our work

Team of entrepreneurs 

We are a global team of entrepreneurs that has built & scaled innovations for the last 20+ years across 18+ markets  

Proven scaling methods

We have structured our experience into methods and toolkits to give clarity in key growth and innovation challenges

Epicenter & global networks

We co-own Epicenter, Northern Europe’s largest innovation house, giving us access to global leaders and change makers

Proven Scaling Methods

Scale up

for daring founders that want to scale faster


for brave leaders driving digital & change 


training for modern companies

We are a team of entrepreneurs who like to build & scale value

Erik Wikström

Erik Wikström

Black belt in growing companies, raising money and creating new companies (30+ ventures). He is wise like a sage and drinks like a Viking.

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Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald

An Aussie who loves BBQ , father of three, and a guy you will always find a refreshing positive attitude with, probably from his early days as a sports man.

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Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar

Indian turned Viking who geeks out with technology, reads 2 books a week, multi tasker pro and has work capacity like a horse. Somehow fits in time for his family and Yoga.

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Ola Ahlvarsson

Ola Ahlvarsson

World champion in martial arts, serial entrepreneur – a man who believes everyone is his teacher, and he is the only student. We call him our “gammal smurf”.

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Edgar Luczak

Edgar Luczak

Driven by objectives and key results, combines strategy and execution, reduces complexity in any situation like an expert jedi master.

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Cecilie Chen

Cecilie Chen

Chinese Viking who loves scaling new technologies and ventures inside and outside corporates. Else, highly busy cooking something delicious.

Alexander Herbring

Alexander Herbring

Big biceps, hunted Al-Qaeda as a paratrooper, believes the world is his oyster, loves his family and has a mantra that “Always smile, no matter what”.

We are proud founders of the digital innovation house Epicenter


A plug ‘n’ play ecosystem for growth and innovation, for the daring and brave to find their community of creators to inspire, support, build and create. 60.000 sq.meters currently in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Amsterdam – by invite only to those that create impact.

We succeed because we help others succeed

The Result team catalyses our culture of intrapreneurs to create products and services faster in our quest to be more customer centric.

Mart Maasik
SEB, Global Innovation Director

I have moved from a founder of a startup to a leader of a global scaleup . I have learnt and applied more in the Scale Up Program than in the last 20 years.

Per Esbensen
Codeable, Co-founder
Global wordpress marketplace

We thought we were just in need of marketing and sales tips, but we ended up remodeling our entire business model, which changed the way we’re scaling now.

Alexander Åström
Gigstr, COO
A community for gigs within sales, marketing, and events

Get the Insight and toolkits to scale your company faster. now.

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