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Adrian McDonald

An Aussie who loves BBQ , father of three, and a guy you will always find a refreshing positive attitude with, probably from his early days as a sports man.

I’m Adrian McDonald

An experienced entrepreneur and intrapreneur with 17 years of building digital businesses around the world. I was instrumental in building Widespace into the #1 Software Company in EMEA (Deloitte Fast 500) and taking it from 25 to 250 people in 18-months. I am also one of the pioneers of Programmatic advertising technology having launched the Microsoft Ad Exchange in 13 x European countries in 2011. I hold extensive experience in sales, marketing, product development and leadership within media, ad tech, entertainment, hospitality and sport.

I love barbequing, sports and spending time with my family. I’m originally from Australia, but have moved around alot since i was 19…

Less talking. More doing.

My areas of passion I bring to work

Goal Setting

Are the objectives clear? Is it measurable key results?


Creating structures, incentives and automate inbound, outbound sales to create revenues.

Team & Org

Clear areas of responsibility, right people at the right seat ready to execute clear goals.

Doing. No Talking.

No 2×2 model or toolkit is going to replace the doing. I love doing and helping teams do their best work.

Things I’m proud of










Nordic Scalers

Nordic Scalers

Board / Co-Lead

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