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2017.11.29 - 5 min read
Ditch Dodgy Investors & Ignore Steve Jobs
Tommy Palm's 3 Steps to Smashing Growth
Tommy Palm, CEO at Resolution Games shares his company's Growth Story, and offers his three keys to becoming a successful scale-up in the emerging growth utopia of virtual reality gaming.
Sweden is punching way above its weight on the international startup scene according to data from the OECD. With 20 startup companies per 1,000 employees – four times as many as the US – Stockholm is second in the world in billion-dollar tech firms per capita, behind only Silicon Valley.

So what's the secret behind this Silicon Valhalla in the frozen north? Healthy perceptions of opportunity help enthusiastic entrepreneurs form agile, nimble international players like Spotify, Klarna and, in the gaming space, King.

Tommy Palm
is one of the minds behind King's worldwide success story Candy Crush and having squared away the easy task of establishing the world's biggest mobile game, moved on to start Resolution Games at the beginning of 2015 alongside gaming industry stalwarts Martin Vilcans and Carl-Arvid Ewerbring.
Bait! hasn't only proved popular – it's the most downloaded mobile VR game in the world.
With more than 12 million virtual reality headsets expected to be sold in 2017, it's hardly surprising to see an increasing number of entrepreneurs keen to make an entrance into the VR space. Estimates suggest that during 2018, the industry will be worth over $7bn, with the lion's share heading to VR software rather than hardware.

As VR continues its charge into the mainstream, privately held Resolution Games and its CEO Tommy Palm is an early frontrunner in creating easily accessible gaming experiences. The company's fun fishing title Bait! hasn't only proved popular – it's the most downloaded mobile VR game in the world.
Resolution Games is leading the pack in mobile VR with titles like 'Bait!'
Talking to Tommy
Mattias Hansson is COO of Epicenter, Stockholm's first digital innovation and intrapreneurship environment. It houses companies like Fishbrain, Star Stable, SEB and Samsung, as well as Resolution Games. Mattias took some time with Tommy Palm to find out more about his love of the startup life.

"It's very exciting to be part of something that is just taking shape", says Tommy Palm, Resolution's CEO, "If you're reading something in a book, your brain needs to decipher what it says, but in VR, you're actually experiencing it. That'll have a massive impact on your ability to remember something or learn something".
Epicenter COO Mattias Hansson sits down with Tommy Palm to discuss his scale-up growth tips.
As Tommy and his team pursue their ambition to secure the position of global leader within visual computing, we asked him to share his three key tips for pursuing the strongest growth in the scale-up phase.
#1: Pursue your passion for the long run
At a speech at Stanford in 2005, Steve Jobs said to graduates that "the only way to do great work is to love what you do", yet it was widely known that he was never especially passionate about technology.

There's a definite trend for advice to the contrary, but Tommy sees following a passion as central to building success in the long run, "I think what works best for people is obviously very different, but what worked great for me is to make sure you work with something that you're very passionate about and stick with it, because it might take some time".
#2: Smaller teams = bigger growth
"Keeping teams small and working with some of the best people in your network, making sure you don't have too many people", explains Tommy. He sees smaller groups as a way to achieve stronger communication, "It's very hard to communicate in bigger teams. Not more than eight people in a team; that's the way I like to work".

Even established businesses are looking to attitudes like Tommy's to help fix sluggishness and underperformance in older, more complex organisations. The growing popularity of 'micro-battling' initiatives displays evidence of incumbents trying to catch up with the agility of younger start-ups on the clear assumption that the more nimble approach to problem-solving inherent to smaller teams is not just effective, but ripe for replication higher up the chain.

Tommy's 'effective communication through smaller teams' ethos is put to work in order to create a complete throughput in a single location, "Here we're divided up into different teams with different disciplines. From an idea to pushing a button and sending it out into the world, it's done here".
Make sure investors believe in what
you do long-term
#3: Swerve the wrong investors
The long-haul view Tommy takes when it comes to ensuring enduring dedication through passion is echoed in his thinking surrounding potential investors, "If you have investors, make sure they believe in what you do long-term, and are willing to be there on both rainy days and sunny days".

With that in mind, it can't have been impossible for Tommy to turn down Google Ventures, who invested $6m in Resolution in 2015.
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