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Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result
2017.12.02 - 3 min read
The 5 Don'ts of Scaling a Sales Team
Advice on how to avoid common pitfalls
Article from Keith Johnstone at Peak Sales Recruiting. Read the whole thing here.
Many businesses avoid meaningful team expansion; of course lower headcounts mean wider profit margins. Expanding a sales force can impact existing revenues as much as future growth targets, so creating a strong sales team scaling strategy is vital.
Read our highlights below:
>> Don't grow slow
Slow growth strategies prioritise short-term solvency worries over the long-term viability of a business, and aren't always the right way to go.
>> Don't ignore your data
Go-to-market strategies must be grounded in thorough assessment of sales territories. Don't go by instinct when you can go by data!
>> Don't overpopulate
Optimise territory design by potential, number of existing accounts, and workload in the area. This balances opportunities, achieving a higher strike rate on better earning options.
>> Don't miss role pollution
During growth, admin and support teams can be spread too thin meaning salespeople waste time on non-selling activities. Don't ignore this kind of mission creep: keep the low-value tasks where they belong.
>> Don't mess up compensation
Leaders need to ensure rep incentives match sales goals. Keeping compensation simple so reps can see immediate impact on company goals and their own performance is key.
For the full article read here.

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