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Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result
2017.11.26 - 3 min read
Throw Your iPhone X in the Sea
The only funnel you'll need to shut down sexy distractions
Article from Medium's 'Both Sides of the Table' Blog. Read the whole thing here.
Mark Suster asks, are your devices are to blame for keeping you distracted, or is there a deeper issue taking your focus away from scaling up to success? That deeper issue isn't really so much about choosing smartphone notifications over real work; it's about guaranteeing prioritisation and intense focus to pull your ideas into reality.
Read our highlights below:
>> Focus, focus, focus
"Only those with maniacal focus on results and a willingness not to engage in every activity achieve extraordinary results."
>> Business prospects = shiny objects. Shiny objects = distractions.
If you're going to transform your ideas into reality, then you need to sharpen your focus onto the bottom end of your own personal prioritisation funnel.
>> Ease over dedication
People chase shiny objects because opening is way easier than closing. Make sure you're working smart on the right stuff, not working hard on the wrong priorities.
>> Handling the chase
A scale-up CEO in 2018 is over-intro'd and under-resourced when it comes to command over their inbox. Make sure you're getting the right resources to avoid over-extending the top end of your funnel.
>> Weighing up your expectations
Conferences, events, visibility; tweets, panels, check-ins – constantly available or offline when it matters?
>> Instant gratification
There's a disconnect between the ease of quick wins and the meaningfulness of a well-worked victory – be sure you're making the right choices when you're looking for balance.
>> Coffee's for closers
Once you've chosen a priority, see it through. Lots of people start, but too few finish.
For the full article read here.

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