Strengthen & Grow Your Core

Add a team of entrepreneurs and a rock solid innovation execution process to create and scale innovations 

Speed of learning and executing is the new unfair advantage

Modern innovative organisations find ways to overcome 3 common challenges to build value at high clock-speed. 

From slow to high clock-speed

Most organisations trying to transform believe they work too slowly in their core. Modern organisations challenge chosen truths, award experimentation, unleash intrapreneurs and pioneer new ways of working. Not impossible. Just hard work. 

From conservative to innovative

77% of leaders believe their industry is highly conservative and gives very little room for innovation. From working with proven new business models to co-creating innovations with customers, innovative companies overcome barriers and find ways to create new value. 

From traditional to modern

Going from traditional 5 year business cases to modern metrics, new budget processes for innovations and governance models to prioritise speed and testing, organisations that embrace modern ways of working create 4x more value in 5 years than their peers. 

We design, review and execute a carefully crafted innovation and growth strategy that fits your ambition, objectives and challenges. We have a strong bias towards strategic long term planning and short term high clock speed tests.  

The magic is in the execution

We have a proven toolbox and process that creates alignment in the top, mobilises teams with a dose of inspiration and urgency and generates momentum in your organisation or team to execute. The magic, we humbly believe, is in our approach and how we execute with you, not in buzz words and fancy presentations.  

How we can help

  • Understand your objectives
  • Map out work done, your challenges and gaps in execution
  • Create an innovations blueprint, anchor with your management teams
  • 1-1 interviews with key stakeholders to understand nuances and capture wishes
  • Support in identifying internal or external innovations, customers or partners
  • Co-Execute high clock speed tests including building and launching MVPs, pilots
  • Co-Create a scaling plan based on results and learnings from the test
  • Co-create new governance models, steering groups & metrics to measure success
  • Run Inspiration and showcase events for internal or external stakeholders
  • Provide a space for your initiatives at Epicenter

Are you curious to explore if we can help you? So are we!