Venture Building

Embrace intrapreneurship. Break silos and add speed.

Transformation is not easy. Get some help. On your terms.

Modern organisations open their ceilings and unleash intrapreneurs. 
The benefits are mighty. Here are 3 of them.

Strengthen your talent pipeline

A mindset to challenge chosen truths, to extend beyond the job description and improve processes to be customer obsessed. Modern organisations provide space, autonomy and help internal teams succeed in their endeavours, giving you a larger pool of future leaders who can lead your digital ambitions better.

Break silos

Modern organisations create cross-functional execution structures that institutionalise a new way of working that puts the customer in the center. Breaking silos are hard, it needs to be driven top-down and bottom-up. Companies with a pool of intrapreneurs find it easier to break silos and transform faster.

Speed and better prioritisation

Ideas that get tested by intrapreneurial teams help create better product roadmaps that are tested, not just guessed. They add speed to the organisations DNA combining your strengths and building in agility.

We design, nurture and run 10-12 weeks programs – from individual to intrapreneurs. Here are some example programs and structures that we have build to help you.

Full fledged innovations ecosystem

A full fledged set up from A to Z to unleash intrapreneurs – from anchoring with your management and strategy to co-creating / supporting internal communications, creating buzz internally, team formations, running all the modules and coaching, and jointly finding sponsors within your organisation.

How we can help

  • Understand or co-build an innovations blueprint
  • Get organisation buy-in or anchor with top management
  • Actively source innovations inside or outside your org.
  • Pick jointly and form teams
  • Support teams to build MVPs, pilots through coaching or custom made pilot programs
  • Support in scaling from our scale up methodology
  • Space to run your innovation lab at Epicenter

Coaching, Sounding board and Special formats

If you already have an innovation set up, we can run specific programs for you. We can add key winning spikes to your existing program by supporting teams with coaching from proven entrepreneurs, deep mentors, introduce our networks within Epicenter to help your projects become sharper and create more impact.

How we can help

  • Run intrapreneur programs to build new culture & way of working
  • Run startup pilots at high speed
  • Co-create pilots with customers
  • Coach and mentor teams in the programs
  • Run programs at Epicenter
Excited to work with us? We are ready to start!