Entrepreneurial Sounding Board

Get a pair of fresh, well trained entrepreneurial eyes to give you a world of clarity

Even the best need a second opinion from time to time

May be you are working on a new corporate venture or a new product launch within your business. Maybe you need to get your teams on boarded to get better results.  We can give you and your teams clarity by adding a seasoned entrepreneurial perspective. 

Get clarity from a team of entrepreneurs 

Get clarity from a team of entrepreneurs who give you honest, neutral views based on data and experience to help you succeed. 

Proven toolkits to test and scale 

Access proven toolkits for testing and scaling new business critical innovations. Save unnecessary time spent in reinventing the wheel. 

Invaluable networks to help you succeed 

Get access to networks of partners and global experts who can inspire and give you new invaluable connections for you to build value. 

We custom design entrepreneurial sounding board and coaching programs, leveraging our networks of entrepreneurs and experts to ensure you and your teams have access to a world class support ecosystem to succeed.

The magic is in the approach

We do not pretend to be experts in your field. However, we are generalists and entrepreneurs who like to problem-solve and simplify complex situations using our experience, toolkits and networks. We keep our engagement flexible and to your terms so we can roll in and out of the projects as the need arises. 

How we can help

  • Understand your objectives and challenges
  • Design a customized sounding board program
  • Onboard, coach and create alignment within teams
  • Bring our network of entrepreneurs, investors or other corporate intrapreneurs
  • Proven toolkits to test or scale innovations
  • High dose of inspiration to keep energy levels high
  • Provide a space for your initiatives at Epicenter

Are you curious to explore if we can help you? So are we!