Upskill Breakfast

A cosy breakfast to share experiences on how modern organisations upskills their employees and teams constantly

About the Upskill Breakfast


We invite you to a breakfast where we explore, share and learn together on how companies that want to create a better future with digital find ways to learn and unlearn constantly. We are calling this upskilling. 

We believe learning today can be improved through hands on coaching, peer to peer learning and actually learning by doing to hone the mindset and skill set needed to win your future.

The goal of this breakfast is to inspire, share stories and understand what areas are the most critical for you to succeed in business, both for you as an individual and for your organisation to become future proof. 

Together with our friends and 4000+ community of leaders and founders at Epicenter, we have designed courses for companies that want to invest in their teams to accelerate digital. You can get a sample of the course and explore if this could be of interest to you for yourself or your organisation.



3 x takeaways:

1. Best practises and mistakes to avoid to attract and retain talent

2. Influencing change in corporates through the art of persuasion

3. High level Frameworks on how to drive innovation at high speed

When: 17th of May, 08:30-10:00

Where: Epicenter Stockholm, Mästersamuelsgatan 36

Featured speakers

Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar


Co-founder Epicenter

Key strengths:
Corporate innovation, creating processes, strategy, high execution

Cecilie Chen

Cecilie Chen

Innovation Mangaer


Key strengths:
Scaling new technologies and ventures inside and outside corporates.

Our Sponsors


Epicenter is Northern Europe’s leading innovation house working with corporate intrapreneurship and scale up entrepreneurship. With over 50.000 sq.m of space, Epicenter have a mission of creating innovation with impact.


Result since 1999 has helped small companies become large and help large companies adopt small company mindset and way of working. Having worked with over 300 scaling up projects across Europe and creating over 30 ventures ourselves, Result coaches, advises, opens networks and in certain cases invest to help scale ups expand faster.

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