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Why companies love attending our scale-up summit
"If you are a Growing company and want to identify and focus on what you should work on to continue your growth you should join the Scale-up Lab"
Love Sahlin
CEO and founder at WTMG
"The time in the Greenhouse - Scale-up Lab made is think in a new way"
Henrik Haij
Founder Picky Living
What is the scale-up summit?
And who are we?
A 3 hour event exclusively for companies that have revenues of over 20M SEK / 2M EUR and growing strongly. The scale-up summit will inspire, match-make with curated partners, give you hands on toolkits and hacks to grow your business.

Scale-up Summit is created together with Greenhouse which is SEB's initiative to support Sweden's fastest growing companies.

We have since 1999 worked with growing over 350 companies locally and internationally such as LinkedIn, Blocket, FON and many more. We also are co-founders of Epicenter, Nordic's leading innovation and growth house at Mäster Samuelsgatan 36.
We promise the following if you attend
"The scale-up summit will at the very least make you have different conversations with your colleagues"
We feature scale-up entrepreneurs that have built successful companies to share their story in a fun format
Get a sneak peak of our methodology called Growth-o-Meter on how we have unlocked growth in our companies
Partners and Match-making
Based on who you are, you get match-made with partners such as corporates and investors
20.000 sq.m of growth
Experience Epicenter, Nordics first house of innovation and growth, where companies like Fishbrain, Spotify, Star Stable and many other scale ups build their businesses every day.
Meet peers who are like you
You will meet an exclusive group of founders and management who are building their scale-up, just like you
Specific Help
Get closer with some of our hand picked service providers who can provide specific help such as communication, sales, internationalisation and use greenhouse partners
The next Scale-up Summit is on November 16, 2017
9:00 - 12:00
Featured speakers at the next Scale-up Summit
Mahesh Kumar
Entrepreneur: MagineTV, FitnessCollection,
Intrapreneur: SEB, Merck, Telenor, Stronghold
Kees de Jong
Scale Up expert and serial entrepreneur, Scale up Institute
Sara Wimmercranz
founder of Backing Minds and Footway
Ariel Garten
founder Muse
Adrian McDonald
Entrepreneur: Widespace
Intrapreneur: Microsoft, Telenor, SEB
Fredric Josefsson
Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships SEB
Erik Wikström
Entrepreneur: Icon Media Labs, MagineTV
Intrapreneur: Merck, SEB
Anna-Maija Sunnanmark
Nordic Innovation
Detailed Agenda
Scale-Up Summit
Moderated by Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result
09:00 - 09:10
Mahesh Intro on Why Scale Ups
9:10 - 09:25
Mastering Scale
Feat. Kees De Jong, author, serial entrepreneur and co-founder ScaleUp Institute The Netherlands
09:25 - 10:15
Scalers Talk
  1. iZettle
  2. SuperCell
  3. Endomondo
  4. Sara Wimmercranz
  5. 10 mins panel
10:15 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:45
Spotlight Silicon Valhalla
  1. Nordic Scalers Initiative
  2. SEB Greenhouse
10:45 - 11:45
Continue conversations by table
  1. Scaling Leadership feat. Supercell

  2. Scaling Sales feat. iZettle

  3. Scaling Money feat. Endomondo

  4. Strengthening the Nordics feat. Anna-Maijja Sunnanmark and Fredrik Josefsson
11:45 - 12:00
Conclusions and key takeaways
Reserve your spot
We have 50 spots only for scale-ups*. Reserve your spot now.
What or who is a scale-up?
Our answer:
Companies that have turn-over of over 2M EUR / 20M SEK, and growing strongly year on year are called scale-ups. Unlike startups that typically have very little revenue, scale-ups have proven their business model
Is this event free?
Our answer:
We think that growth is what drives our society forward. And we think the best way to get more growth is to create contexts and forums for us to meet and exchange our stories of scaling. We also think it would be fun for you to see our ecosystem with Epicenter and understand how we can help you grow - so yes its marketing for us, but driven by a higher purpose
What is Greenhouse?
Our answer:
Greenhouse is a leading platform in the Nordics for scale-ups to get inspired, be part of an exclusive community, work with specific growth challenges, meet other scalers to share growth ambitions, solutions and breakthroughs that can create more growth for your company. Greenhouse is SEB's initiative to work with scale-ups to create more value in society.
SEB Office,
Mäster Samuelsgatan 32,
111 57 Stockholm

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