for daring scaleup founders

Many Start. But very few Scale. We want to change that. 

We bring together a curated team of entrepreneurs to give you new perspectives on your scaling challenges, offer toolkits and unparallelled networks to help you reach your ambitions faster. 

Clarity in FULL HD

1-1 working with entrepreneurs who have scaled successfully to give you clarity in your scaling strategy and be a honest sounding board to you 

Proven scaling toolkits  

Provide toolkits that can help you diagnose growth limiters, test new ideas and mobilise your organisation behind objectives and key results  

Relevant global networks 

Provide access to unparalleled global networks of corporates, investors and thought leaders to inspire, give you new connections and help you succeed

World class support from proven entrepreneurs to scale fast with less blood, sweat and tears

We customise to your scaling needs. On Your Terms. 

Coaching Sprints

6 x 1-1 sprint sessions for you & your team

For scale up founders who want clarity and new perspectives from proven entrepreneurs on key strategic issues and access to bespoke networks to scale faster 

SEB Greenhouse Scaleup Lab (Sweden)

10 Weeks: 7x 1-1 sessions, 3 group sessions 

Program done in partnership with SEB  to offer their customers toolkits, 1-1 coaching, best practises and pitfalls to avoid when scaling. 

Why some of the most daring founders find us invaluable

Case Study: Codeable

Codeable is the leading WordPress freelancer platform that connects thousands of customers — from freelancers and business owners to big agencies. Codeable grew to high single digital Million Eur turn over with small profits, all self funded.

Scaling challenge:

  1. Grow with self-funding or take on VC Capital 
  2. Improve sales in the US 
  3. Create a better organisation structure and process to map the scaling strategy

Case Study: Naava

Naava is a Finnish invention that combines AI, green walls to purify air and make individuals more productive. Started by school teachers to help children be more creative, the company has grown to 40+ employees, shipped many Naava’s, and was scaling fast.

Scaling challenges:

  1. Growing sales internationally
  2. Redesign internationalisation organisation and process  


What we achieved in the past 12 months


scaleups with 
 €3,9m average revenue


average yearly 
growth rate
(200% improvement after our programs)


funding raised 
during our programs 



new jobs created within 9-12 months post-program

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