Scale up

for daring founders


Congratulations, you have avoided all the pitfalls of a failed startup. It’s now time to avoid the pitfalls of scaling. We bring together a curated team of entrepreneurs as coaches and act as a sounding board to help you fulfill your and your company’s true potential.

Understand your needs

Understand your needs, diagnose challenges and get more clarity to solve them

Increase your network

Open relevant high profile networks if we jointly believe it would be valuable for you to succeed

Curate a community

Curate a community of like minded entrepreneurs who you can learn and be inspired from

Your time is valuable. That is why we customise to your needs. No 1 size fits all. 

Our curated scaling up programs

Entrepreneurial Sounding Board

5 sessions

This program addresses entrepreneurs who have specific growth challenges in areas such as internationalisation, funding, sales, marketing etc.

SEB Greenhouse Scaleup Lab

10 weeks program

This 10 weeks program done in partnership with SEB, offers founders clarity on their key growth levers, help prioritise urgent vs important and to get founders to become better scale up leaders.

Blitzscaling – Silicon Valley

1 day course

A 1 day crash course to understand the mindset on how to scale innovations at warp speed. Made famous by Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn.

Growth Strategy

10 weeks program

A 10 weeks program to work on your key growth levers and give yourself time to zoom out of your business, and get new perspectives to create a tested scaling plan.

Why some of the most daring founders find us invaluable

Case Study: Naava

Naava is a Finnish invention that combines AI, green walls to purify air and make individuals more productive. Started by school teachers to help children be more creative, the company has grown to 40+ employees, shipped many Naava’s, and was scaling fast. However, their challenges was cracking sales internationally and create structures for them to get more turn over with existing teams. This is what we worked with them to solve.

Case Study: Codeable

Codeable is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform that connects thousands of customers — from freelancers and business owners to big agencies. Codeable grew to high single digital Million Eur turn over with small profits, all self funded. Their challenge was if they should take on VC capital or keep control of the company. Their other challenge was to to create organisational structure to work with distributed teams around the world as their customers came from all around the world. We worked with them to solve these challenges.

What we achieved in the past 12 months


scale ups for companies with 
39 MSEK average revenues


average yearly 
growth rate

504 MSEK

funding raised


new jobs created

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