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Upskill: Learning Reinvented. 

Upskill is tailor made education for modern companies that want to invest in their teams to accelerate digital. Digital Transformation is hard. Bloody hard.

That is why we have designed programs that are execution focused, filled with case studies and toolkits for participants to go from theory to practise with a compulsory focus on application and doing (not just listening). 

Speed of learning and unlearning is the new unfair advantage. It’s time to Upskill.  

Why do you have to upskill?

Jobs will be lost to AI

1.8 M according to Gartner by 2020. The new jobs that are being created needs new mindsets, skillsets and an updated toolbox to succeed

Too expensive to hire and fire

Leaders need to upskill their current teams to cope with changes coming at rapid speed, attract and retain talents to remain relevant and competitive

Talents need constant learning

The talents of today and tomorrow will leave organisation that do not provide autonomy to learn and try in order to drive impact

Upskill is designed to drive impact.



Inspiration is great, but not enough. We look at your company and team assessment today and coach in a way that is relevant to your challenges to make it very hands on.



Our courses run over 2 sessions with time in between for the participants to apply the techniques. We provide support to make sure learning happens by doing in your organisation



Participants will have access to the network of our digital innovation houses, Epicenter with 6000+ intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to learn from, share ideas and sharpen the approach even more.

Our upskill courses

Managing Disruption

8900 SEK/Person

Learn and apply the disruptors mindset
  • Two 4-hour sessions with practice time in between, to be arranged at your own pace
  • Understand disruptive mindset and apply the toolkits to build explosive business models from ideas and scale them at rapid speed.

Unleashing Talent

6900 SEK/Person

Creating an unstoppable intrapreneurial culture
  • Two 4-hour sessions with practice time in between, to be arranged at your own pace
  • Understand how to motivate and help the team to achieve more, apply toolkits to create a culture of intrapreneurs and drive bottom up innovation

The Art of Persuasion

6900 SEK/Person

Driving change and getting people to love it
  • Two 4-hour sessions with practice time in between, to be arranged at your own pace
  • Learn and apply tips to convince others with relevant psychology, clear messaging, and break down the loneliness in driving changes.

Crucial for you / Custom Design

Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts are happy to design a course tailor made for your needs.  

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Some of the companies we’ve coached:


Construct a clear innovation structure in your organizaiton


Apply the entire toolkit to develop your ideas fast and create a business impact


Get the intrapreneurial mindset into your organisation

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