Unleashing the Talent Potential in your Organization

6900 SEK


Session lenght

2  x  1/2 days


4 weeks


Stockholm Epicenter

We as team leaders have talents around us every day. But are we maximising the potential of the talents around us to deliver more business value? Are we making best out of the talents around us? Are we making their work more and more fun? Are we good team leaders who could unleash their hidden potential and help them achieve more? If you are interested in those questions, this course if for you!

Program overview

Week 1 – Session 1

Mindset and toolkits for unleashing the talent potential

1/2 day session understanding the mindset needed and toolkits to apply to unleash the talent potential

  • Why do we need to help the team to achieve more?
  • What kind of mindset do we need today to unleash the talent potential?
  • The toolkits to motivate the team to perform more
    • How to motivate the team to come up with new innovative ideas that have a business impact
    • How to select the ideas, set goals and metrics for the team
    • How to set the direction for the team to execute on the ideas without active involvement

Week 2&3 – Homework

Learning by doing
  • Applying principles to your work
  • Individual working and reflections
  • Setting up your goals and focus areas in your team

Week 4 – Session 2

Your roadmap to build up the innovative way of working

1/2 day session creating your action plan in building up the innovative way of working

  • Establish the culture in testing new ideas fast and embrace the failures
  • Short-term v.s. Long-term in goal setting
  • Set up feedback and reflect sessions to review the goals

What you will walk away with?

  • Innovative mindset of team leaders for the most engaged teams
  • Methodology that helps motivate your team to perform more
  • The toolkits that helps you to manage your team’s innovative ideas aligned with your strategy
  • Process of fast experiment without your active daily involvement
6900 SEK /person
  • Come yourself or bring your whole team
  • Exclusive 1-1 working with a serial entrepreneur as your coach in the work sessions
  • Email support in between the sessions
  • Access to Epicenters network and community
  • Knowledge Membership in all Epicenter buildings in Europe during the program to meet and learn from other like-minded

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