Venture Building

We help our enterprise partners get future-proof by combining consulting skills with entrepreneurial zest to create and build new value. Our sweet spot is to work in the intersection of existing core and new business, within digital. We do this all at Epicenter, Northern Europe’s leading plug n play innovation ecosystem that we co-own.

A select sample of customers we build with

Our partners use us to inspire, facilitate, coach and build 

Inspiration Workshops and Strategy Blueprint

Get your leadership teams aligned, inspire your managers at your off-site, kick start or catalyse your digital innovation roadmap. Workshops & management off-sites can be designed to drive towards your desired outcome. 

Our blueprint process goes deeper to help you set your direction for your innovation execution. We help management and leadership teams align towards clear business outcomes, and help create structures for you to execute.

Typically lasting up to 10 weeks, the blueprint gives you clarity on the “what” and the “how”, while the workshops help you answer “why” and “why now”

Accelerators and Programs

Intrapreneurs Accelerators

Create a digital mindset within your organisation, enable better prioritisation of your roadmap and get innovations that can be integrated into the business or spun out. Our accelerators typically last between 6-18 weeks and thread the balance between learning new toolkits and testing ideas at high speed.

Startup Matchmaking

We find new business models or technology startups for you to run pilots with based on your objectives and challenges. Once the right partner is identified, we can help create structures to break the corporate immune system and coach the pilot teams to help you take home the impact.

Customer Co-Creation

Get closer to your key customers, elevate your relationships and build a joint innovation roadmap that creates differentiation and new revenues for you. We can facilitate customer workshops, run tailor-made sprints and coach or build with you.

Venture Building and Investments

We build new ventures with our partners by being highly aligned strategically but loosely coupled on operations. We do this either with hybrid teams of intrapreneurs and ours or purely with our network of founders. We ideate, test and then co-invest based on a joint vision. While our customers typically offer IP, insights, market knowledge & act as the first customer for the venture, we add the team, fundraise and support the growth of the entity as active co-founders.

A sample of customers we work with today

SEB: Intrapreneurs Accelerator

SEB created an accelerator program for employees to build innovations that can be implemented in the business, while increasing the digital mindset & skillset within the organisation.

Key Outcomes:
3000+ employees through the program
45 teams qualified post-accelerator
23% implementation rate in the business
2 investments made by SEB Venture Capital in fintechs found from the accelerator

Stronghold: Customer Innovation & Venturing

Stronghold wanted to bring digital innovation into its core business to positively impact how they work with their key strategic customers by piloting new innovative business models & tech solutions jointly with their customer teams. In parallel Stronghold established a CVC unit and a venturing unit run jointly by us to invest and build in ventures that they can scale through their customer portfolio. 

Key Outcomes:
18+ pilots with 20+ customers, 4 countries.
9+ Venture Investments
1 New Venture  


Merck & Startup Partnerships

Merck uses our services to find new business models that extend their core business. These new innovative services help build differentiation & add more data through digital touch points for their medical franchises. Started with a blueprint in the global management team, leading to clear strategic themes from where partner pilots were run & scaled  

Key Outcomes:
10+ pilot partnerships executed within 2 franchise areas

Vattenfall: New Venture Building

Vattenfall, one of the top 3 utility cos in Europe, use our services to find new business models within 2 key identified strategic sectors. We help run startup pilots as coaches. When a suitable business model in the market doesn’t exist, we help ideate and build it with them.  

Key Outcomes:
12 partners identified for pilots
2 partnerships scaled
1 venture built within BA WInd.  

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